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What kind of music is
Cairo Fred?


Adult pop/rock with vocals and a pedal steel guitar.


Sort of a bastardized noir alternative pop groove rock.


Cairo Fred music is distinctive and eclectic, with elements of rock, pop, reggae, and occasionally just a little bit of country.


You guys do any covers?


In addition to our great original tunes, here are some tunes we do by other bands:


Hey 19 (Steely Dan)

If I Ever Lose My Faith (Sting)

Raspberry Beret (Prince)

Dr. Robert (Beatles)

You Really Got Me (Kinks)

Golden Years (David Bowie)

Everyone’s Gone to the Movies (Steely Dan)

Heaven (Los Lonely Boys)

I Don’t Want to Be (Gavin deGraw)


What’s the deal with
the name?


The original name of the band was Omar Sharif, but we were working with this European producer named Lorenzo Furabia for a while who told us ‘no band is named Omar Sharif – your real name must be Fred.’  We were just kids at the time really, so we thought, you know, he must know better, so we changed the name to Fred. Then we found out that there’s a band in Cork, Ireland named Fred, cause people would ask us ‘are you Fred from Cork?’ and Desson just started saying ‘no, we’re Fred from Cairo!’ and it’s been Cairo Fred ever since.