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Here to report that Cairo Fred is awesome. Great musicians, excellent vocals, spot on song choices--Steely to Stevie to the Once and Future (artist known formerly and latterly as) Prince and some delightful originals along the way. Despite the psycho-trauma of seeing Desson in a kilt, I highly recommend hearing Cairo Fred.

Linton Weeks


Steely Dan and Warren Zevonís ungodly spawn.

Eric Brace, The Washington Post


Lots of witty lyrics and hooks that hang in there like a bad cold.

Ronnie Newmyer, the Tommy Lepson band


Cairo Fred rocks, of course. It's also fun, smart and entertaining. It's my favorite grab-a-beer-and-boogie band. I hold my lighter aloft in the darkened arena in tribute...

Paul Farhi


What a delight! I thoroughly enjoyed every song, the wonderful harmonies, the unpredictability and quirkiness (just like you, kilt boy) of the tunes. Just when I thought I knew where something was going it would change by half a key and take a new twist. I now have Raincoat firmly stuck in my head.